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So, now that those are out of the way.  I couldn’t resist them since I have been looking over there more frequently now.

feed3d I have decided that I am going to change my sidebar from showing all those little individual feeder buttons to the popular 3D feed button.

Today was a marvelous day. 

We went to our diabetic training.  They taught about carb counting, which was a total bore.  It should have/could have been very exciting…I mean who doesn’t like talking about food??  We survived though and Kyra did too.  She didn’t cry a bit and I didn’t even wait to drop her off with Tom.  I just got her out and gave her to him and off she went.

We mostly stayed home through the day.  I worked on some cleaning projects  and exploring parts of the house I rarely glanced at prior to this whole thing.  I have found some interesting things I had long forgot about and some rather gross findings as well.

20070731_01604p  I chased Kyra with my camera.  I love doing that….  She was hiding under the pillow.  Look at this big smile I got… though while she was supposed to be hiding. 

20070731_01805p She kept up this act almost all day.

20070731_02506p We went to the park though in the evening.  She so loves the park, just to tell her we are going to the park puts that extra little twinkle in her eyes.  I still find it intriguing too.  The sun was in her face, so the photos I took while there mostly didn’t turn out.  Here is her sitting on the big plastic riding Barney though.

It was a brilliant day though.  I love when days go like this one did except one glitch came about.  My bed wasn’t picked up.  The guy “Chris” who is going to help me get it was offered overtime, so he took it.  I can understand that, so he will be here tomorrow.  That means…I have to figure out some things for the logistics of my day to go smoothly.

I am going to sleep on that now.  Good Night…