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Yesterday was exhausting, like I said in that deleted post.  I really shouldn’t be mean to Adam even when he deserves it.  He is Kyra’s dad and I have to keep that in mind even when he is acting like a jerk.

Today has been pretty entertaining quite the contrast to yesterday.  I woke up not super late, but not early either.  It was somewhere just after 7.

I was on my computer for quite awhile than.  I have been reading all the sites that are listed in this list on Alex Shalman.  I am in the list, but over the last 2 days.  I have visited all of those sites.  I did not read all the goals though….blah boring.  I went to those posts and hit “Home” or clicked the title to read the current postings of the owners.  There are some amazing sites listed on this list.

I had a 10:30 vet appointment.  I couldn’t catch my cat, so only the dog went.  I now have a new appointment for the cat next week.  She will calm down from the dog soon.  The dog isn’t chasing cats or anything, so they should be okay.  She is mad at me though, she did the same thing when Kyra was born.

We went to the vet though.  We learned that Deuce is probably older than what the shelter said.  He is probably close to a year or a little over a year old.  They said he was 8 months when I got him, but said 10 months on Petfinder.  It all doesn’t matter though as he isn’t an old dog, I was okay with getting a couple year old dog. 

We also learned that he is probably a mix with a Dalmatian, maybe another dog type as well.  He will probably not get much bigger size wise, but probably will gain 30 to 40 lbs, so just a bigger build and stance.  He weighs 45 lbs now and is considered underweight.

That was all interesting, they did something in his butt which was rather gross and made him stink profusely.  They only charged $9 and you wouldn’t have gotten me to do that for that little amount.  Blah….

We went to my bus driver friend Pat’s house after.  She wanted to see him and the vet is only like 3 blocks away.  Deuce and her dog, Hudson, played around for awhile.  We talked she met Stan and Stan met her. I talk about Stan with her and her with Stan, so that was good. 

We left and headed home. There was some sort of tractor show/bean soup eat off on the way home with a chicken BBQ.  It was for the charity Boys and Girls Club.  They had a band set up.  It was at the entrance ground to the university.  We stopped at that and got Stan a chicken dinner for lunch.  We also tried the Black Bean Soups, which were all terrible tasting.  Blah…  They were so spicy, how can people eat stuff like that.  I must have the most woosey mouth in the world with Stan coming up quickly in second.  Deuce liked them though.  Kyra ate some too.  I like bean soup to be sweet and salty though, these were all just spicy.  We left pretty quickly from this.

20071006_00401p We came home and Heather came and visited with us.  She played with Kyra for awhile and took this photo of me.  I don’t get pictures of myself often, so I go ahead and post them when I do.

20071006_00502p Kyra was pretending to be a cat and got inside the little cat travel carrier.  I ran for my camera as soon as she was in, but when I finally go it available to take a picture she was crying and wanting out.

20071006_01602p The dog and her are getting along great, like I said in an earlier post.  Here are pictures though.  There was a dog barking on TV and they both turned quick to look at it.

20071006_02002p Here she was hiding the dogs ball in her purse.  He didn’t take his eyes off the purse for quite awhile.

20071006_02203p We than went outside and harvested our pumpkins.  I planted about 15 seeds, but only got 2 pumpkins out of it all.  They weren’t jack o’lantern size either like the package described, but they are good enough.  We will carve them closer to Halloween time.

20071006_03003p Here is another one that I thought was cute.

We stayed outside for about 2 hours playing catch with the dog and just relaxing which was very welcome for me.  He likes playing catch, but doesn’t like Frisbees, he is a ball catch player.

We came in and almost immediately Kyra wanted to watch Barney within 5 minutes of watching, she was out cold.  She will probably sleep all through the night.  I am going to head over and see what paid posts are available for tonight, so one of those will probably follow. 

It was a very much calmer day very welcomed after my stressful yesterday.  Have a great night…