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Kyra and I got up at 6 this morning. It was already hot outside, but Kyra was acting all grumpy like she was still tired. She basically was, she took a nap at like 8:30 and I went down right with her. We than reawoke at 10:15 feeling like new people. We played around the here for a couple hours.

Than over came Cathy and Kristy…they said get ready we are going to the pool. I said we are?? I don’t know… I tried my suit on and it fit, so I grabbed Kyra’s Little Swimmers that I bought last winter and away we went. Kyra really took to the pool. She was wading and laughing. If she fell down she was holding her breath, we grabbed her of course. She amazes me everyday. She got a sun tan, of course I had block on her. She wanted to stay there all day. She was chasing the kids wanting to play, when she gets older she will be the funnest kid in the pool playing with everyone. LOL….

We got home and she took a nap. She should wake up, but it is 8:20. She may just sleep all night now.

Well, I am going for today. Bye…