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I read this story somewhere else one time on one of the blogs I read. I remember thinking that it was the most disgusting thing ever and that my daughter would never do that. Aaaaahhhhh!

So Kyra is pretty much poop potty trained, well at least better than 50% this past week or so.

Yesterday though we got in the shower and such like usual in the evening like usual. When we get out, I get all dressed first and let her run around in the raw.

She was in the living room playing and climbing on her stool and such. Adam was out there too. Well, she just sort of squatted down and I can’t believe it. She pooped into her hand…. aaahhhh. It never hit the carpet, she caught it.

She tried to give it to her dad who was screaming at this point, but you know he wouldn’t take it. He told her to hand it to mommy. I took the poop warm poop and put in in the toilet, but how disgusting is this scene? Blahhh..

I washed Kyra all up and things were fine, but I am in total shock even now the next day. Blah….