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 So Kyra is in my view officially potty trained.  She no longer wears diapers at home, although she still wears them when we go drive and to bed at night.  She mostly doesn’t go in them at all.  She has became trained almost overnight.

Today was a peaceful day on the bus as previously predicted.  The older students that were written up still have not been talked to about there behavior, but it was still more peaceful.

We went to Walmart tonight and bought some groceries and other junk.  I should really quit going there.  Oh, and I did my little job while I was there.  It is crazy that now I am going to be visiting a Walmart almost every week for work.  I have to really learn to leave with nothing….NOTHING!  Aaaaahhhhh!  This will be hard.

Well, there is Kyra today at lunch.  It was the best picture of the days bunch and I am off to bed.  Good Night…