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My whole town needs prayers tonight. There was a tragic accident and Sharon Harry a fellow bus driver with me was killed. She was doing the emergency exit drill that we have to do as state law twice a year. This is where we unload the kids from the emergency exit at the back of the bus.

She was basically smashed behind the bus by another bus. The other bus was backing up to give her more room, but accidentally put the bus in drive instead of reverse. That driver killed his good friend.

Our bus driver group is all sort of like family here. I love so many of them. This is a huge tragity we lost basically 2 of the best, both drivers in this had over 30 years of driving experience which makes it all that much more baffling.

This had more witnesses than anything so tragic should have and some very young ones too. I would dare to say that probably 1/2 of the school students witnessed this to some degree.

I can’t help but think of myself too. I was only 2 busses behind. This could so easily have been me in there. We are going next week to get our will finished.

The longer I live the more I think of how sometimes short life is and that we are all just like a light switch in time. This driver was talking and telling jokes this morning I am sure and now she isn’t here nor will she ever be again. Switched to off position by time. It is crazy.

Well, that is all today. Way to much though. Night.