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20080331_00604p Even though I failed my test, I did start working full time in the other office at work.  That means I don’t spend anytime in the office that is right in my own town and essentially I am the only person that works at my office. There are two other agents that work in and out and a lady that is going to come file for me one day a week.  I will like it though.  It seems based on only two days that I will stay pretty busy.  I also have a lot of control.  I can do essentially anything I want so long as the work gets done.  I think I like that.  I am still a little unsure about being alone in the office, but there is an office next door and the other people that work there.  That and customers some whom I seem to already know.  So hopefully, I won’t mind it.

I take my state test again on Thursday of this week.

Kyra has been doing great.  It rained Monday, so we did the whole rain gear thing.  It was fun.

Yesterday was windy as all get out, so we flew kites when I got home from work.  Kyra was funny because she wanted to chase the kite itself and not hold the string, so there you saw me holding the string and Kyra underneath where the kite was screaming and jumping for the kite.  It was fun, and probably very funny to watch.

She is going to a pancake breakfast this morning.  She has an exciting life.

Stephen is doing good.  He went to the doctors on Monday and they have him back on regular duty.  He had pulled a nerve out of wack in his arm, so was on lite duty at work.  Lite duty where he works is scaling logs, so he was still working all the time.  I have no idea what lite duty would be where I work…I think I am permanent lite duty.  LOL…

I may finally be going to go to the aquarium.  You might remember way back that I said I wanted to go by Christmas somewhere in here.  Well, never made it.  If I pass this test though, I will be going on Saturday. 

Anyways, that is my update.  I should be updating more frequently.  I am also starting to work with a organization called the EF Foundation.  They are on the look out for people to host foreign exchange students and other people to supervise.  I was working on this hook up back before I stopped driving bus, but soon.  I will make a post all about them and what they are offering because I think they are a great organization and hosting these kids is good for everyone.  If you are interested in doing these, click that link and  make sure you tell them that Jennifer sent you.