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Probloggers asks his readers which plugins they use, so I thought I would answer this. I don’t post very often about my blogging here, I usually save those types as guest posts for on other sites. I am going to go ahead and share my plugins here though, so if you aren’t a blogger, you probably won’t know what I am talking about and can just skip this post.

I just cleaned up my plugins yesterday though, so this information is all fresh in my mind.

Here is my top 9. I currently use 15.

  1. Add Sig – This adds a custom signature to the bottom of your posts. I use this one and off to put extra information on my posts. It puts information on all the posts, but when I change it. It changes it on all the posts, so I can put like “Check out my advertiser ________________”. I than delete the line and it is gone from all the posts.
  2. Enforce www. Preference – I like the www, so I make it so that if you don’t enter it. I will for you.
  3. Executable PHP Widget – I don’t have a link to this one. It allows me to run PHP Widgets though which my only one is the one that is on the individual post page that has all the social network submittal sites on it. The top left of the sidebar.
  4. SRG Clean Archives – I honestly have no idea what archives look like without this, so I just leave it. You can let me know what it does…LOL.
  5. Subscribe to Comments – This is one that I really like. It allows commenter’s to get e-mails with all the replies to the post they commented on. I don’t get that many comments here, so I by default have it set to do this e-mailing. I think the post with the most comments here has like 15, so nobody is overwhelmed with these e-mails here.
  6. WP-UsersOnline – This is the count of how many users are online at any given time. It is displayed on my right side bar toward the bottom. It is mostly for my own personal entertainment.
  7. Do Follow – I am a do follow site, so when you leave a comment here. The links is viewable by search engines and the like. I don’t get to many spam comments, so I leave this enabled. I did go through a time where I was getting a lot of spam, so I turned this off temporary. It is mostly wonderful people who comment here, so I figure why not follow them around.
  8. Akismet – This is my spam filter obviously. It does great work. I have a few additional words being moderated, but for the most part. Your comments with valid links will immediately be show thanks to the wonderful Akismet.
  9. My absolute favorite though is Featuring CountComments. This is the plug in that announces how many prior comments the person has left, like for example if you look after my name it says something like “Thanks for comments #525”. I love knowing how many comments a person has made previously. I did a lot of work to get this one to install properly though, so if you aren’t a little able to do coding. This isn’t one for you.

There you have it my most important plugins. Did you learn of one you didn’t know about??