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 Here is our basement from both directions as of today.  It has a love seat, our desks, and a table.  Today we brought the stereo down from the upstairs office.  Actually everything is out of the upstairs office except the treadmill and the desk which those will be done this week and it will be an empty room.  This makes the day feel productive.

My routes went fairly smooth, but I still think the school feeds them something during the day to get them going in the afternoon.

Kyra is all enticed with dressing herself, which is a good thing really.  I don’t want to have to dress her forever.  So she takes off her clothes and puts different ones on all day randomly.  Here is what it looks like when she gets both legs in the same hole of a pair of shorts.

She has been having more fun with my new camera almost than I have.  It has a setting that makes the shutter sound like a dog barking which I have it set on.  She pushes that button just to hear the sound and then howls and then we laugh and she howls again.  She we were fighting for the camera in this shot.

This last one is her sophisticated business executive look.  She is going to make a great boss lady some day.

I also got my new theme picked and installed and edited.  I said this earlier, but woo hoo.  Do a little dance with me won’t you??  My biggest glitch now that maybe someone could help me out on….why is it centered in IE and not in Firefox.  I don’t want it centered, but I have no idea the reasoning this would happen.  Any Ideas???

I also got my new blogroll page set up for the most part today.  It still has some pages to be added as they get into my reader, I have been adding them.  This will continue forever probably though as I edit and delete pages in there.  I like the look over all though, so check these sites out.  Here is that link

Well, that is all for now.  Bye…