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20071128_02605p Today was a sort of fun day.  I got home from my morning routes though and found my house in shambles again, so it was the last straw for Deuce.  I called Lyn to see what she was doing because that is what I do basically.  She had a house showing…her house is for sale, so she had to get out.

I went over there and we went to town.  We got Deuce a new kennel cage, those things are expensive, but it was on sale 50% off though.  A good day to be buying a dog kennel.  I really hope all these drunk people tip well on Friday night though.

So Deuce has a cage, the doctor has the paperwork on me that he wanted, we stopped and got some other paperwork stuff done too.  I finally stopped at the trucking company down the road and put my application in.  I maybe have a chance there of getting a job, boy would that be a “one of the boys” place to work.  I would be quite literally the only female employee with about a hundred men.  It would be cool though because I could wear my blue jeans.  Why that is wonderful sounding to me, I haven’t a clue.  It is though.  I really don’t want to go buy new clothes I guess.

I still wish that the car dealership job would have been mine though.  It is crazy how much I think they picked the wrong person and they don’t even know it.  I hope the guy does good, I guess though.

20071128_01201p 20071128_01101p Today after lunch Kyra wanted this lemon peeled really badly. I kept telling her lemon yucky and all the warnings, so finally I gave in.  I peeled the darn lemon.  I missed the best face she made, but these two were pretty great captures.  Yeah, that is a lemon in her hands.  LOL…

20071128_04006p We went on the afternoon routes, we came home got in showers, ate pizza for dinner.  Pizza is significant because Stan can’t eat pizza.  This is something we would have never had if he were still living here.  It was yum though.

We read books until I couldn’t tell you what a cow looked like.  Yeah, that is a lot of books.  I think we have had to go through 20 of them though.

Stephen came up and we watched the movie Dazed and Confused.  It was good in a weird sort of way, it is set to be the 70’s which I have only a slight clue about.  He has to work tomorrow after 3 days of hunting though, so I sent him home in plenty of time to get lots of sleep. 

I guess that leaves me here.  I am scanning jobs online, scanning some paid post opportunities, and just generally reading all my feeds.  I am going to get to bed early though tonight.  Have a great one…