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 Today sort of had a shotty start.  I did my morning routes like usual, only I accidentally left the girl at my new stop at my new stop.  Oops… I didn’t know I did it until I got the call, but I admit to it.  This would have been her 3rd day and I am so used to just driving by that house.  I left her there. 

Anyways, I did that.

My elementary route went smooth, pretty much minimum bad behaviors.  I was thinking it was a great day…than a kid puked.  Oh, that will ruin any day.  Puke on a school bus isn’t like puke anywhere else in the world.  Those seats don’t just move out of the way to be cleaned under.  You have to duck and bend in ways you shouldn’t really do.

So the major solution is kitty litter and in my case this solution is in volumes.  I than use a garden hoe and a shovel for the major cleaning.  All this time trying to hold in my own puke from the smell of floral kitty litter mixed with the puke smell.  The floral does nothing for it, believe me.

Anyways, I did the garden hoe and shovel and then I go with a broom out the back door, so sweep this stuff past about 16 seats, blah.  I than hit the Windex and that is all.  I know this kid hit the heat vent, so that area of the bus will probably smell for awhile as I can’t clean in that vent without disassembling a large portion of vent which I am not in the know of how to do.

So word of advise…if you kid is sick.  Please please keep them home or at the very least send a plastic bag with them to school to puke in. 

I think we should fine the parents of the kids that make us do this as a clean up fee.  It is the most nauseating thing I ever have to do.  Blah…

On a brighter note….all that is done.

Here is a picture of me and Kyra.  This was taken yesterday by Adam.  She was just sitting so good.  It was great.  I have that sly look on my face.  Don’t you just love my hair straight…oh I do.  It is so much nicer now.

 Here is another photo of me.  This one though is a self-portrait.  You can see our bright blue eyes here.  As I get older I grow to like my eye color more and more.  As a kid, I was always picked on for kids thinking I was staring at them.  As an adult, I realize they just thought I was staring because they couldn’t help but look at my eyes.  I think we have the brightest eyes I have ever seen and they are genetic for sure. 

  Here is Kyra all in her spring outfit.  It was super nice out today.  She and Adam took his computer back to the shop and I did work.  I got quite a bit done.

I went for my afternoon routes.  They went okay, except about 2 kids.  I than afterward went to the transportation department and gave her the video, so the principal could review it and decide on a better more apt punishment tomorrow when he gets these write-ups. 

I am now home.  My toe doctor appointment is tomorrow now, so I am all worried with this.  It is at 1:15, so by 2 tomorrow.  I hope this toe thoughts are all gone.  I told them I want whatever they are going to do done and I am not coming in for an evaluation…I am coming in for the works.  I can’t handle thinking about one stupid toe another full day after this appointment although I think they wrap in in gauze or whatever…oh.  I am stopping my thoughts now.

I am going to try an not turn on my computer all day tomorrow until night time.  This will be a first in a very long time, so if you are leaving comments for the first time here.  You won’t see them for awhile probably.

Well, good night.