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Today was a good day.  Everything went without a hitch at all. 

Adam had a skin doctor appointment, so he got his expensive hand lotion, so hopefully that will heal his hands from the drying and cracking.  Now, I won’t have to listen to him with that and the buying of band-aids by the case will stop.

I didn’t tell you this yesterday, because I had so many pictures.  But, a high school student puked on my bus, so I ran about 20 minutes late getting elementary kids home because well, I cleaned out the bus.  Blah….who wants to ride around with that smell in there nostrils even a second?   Today, now I got the call of why were you so late yesterday is this going to be a habit?  What is that about?  I sat at the Intermediate School and cleaned my bus, the principal was out there and saw me.  I informed them that it hopefully wasn’t going to be a habit, who wants cleaning up this stuff to be a habit anyways?  Blah…

Today went without an event, but I ran a little behind because a student that basically never rides is riding this week and next because we are in between sports and his next sport doesn’t start for 2 weeks, so that puts me exactly 6 minutes behind my usual schedule when he isn’t riding.  Yeah, one student riding the bus costs 6 minutes.  I drive in the rural area and I don’t have to go on his whole road if he isn’t there.  Well, I wonder if I get a call tomorrow now asking about this.  LOL…

Jennifer Hitchcock feeding baby goat Finley with a bottle.Here is my only picture of the day.  I think that I have camera burn out and didn’t take a single picture today.  This picture was taken by Adam when I asked him to come to the barn with me to take some pictures of me feeding Finley.  Yes, he took a total of 3 pictures.  Two of them are blurry…you have to be perfectly still with my camera it doesn’t have any stabilization at all.  So this is the best one…I am not even looking at the camera.

As soon as he stepped foot in the barn. He was all mad because Finley was on this side in the barn and we used an unapproved bale of hay.  Who knew we couldn’t use any of the 5 we have left?  I will surely ask permission in the future.  Anyways… he stormed around like a tornado.  Ahhh, I hate when he gets like that.   I guess I look pretty good in this photo even though my face is down and Finley is eating very well.

Well, I am going to take a shower and clean myself up.  Everything is semi back to normal here.  I have to go feed Finley 4 times a day, but that is actually pretty fun to do now.  He is a delightful little guy… I only wish I would spend more time with Caramel.  I need to make her more friendly.  That said, I think Mr. Finley’s days are numbered here.  I don’t want to get attached and cry when he goes.  Well, off to that shower.