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20070908_00108a We went to the junk market today.  It was like 10 rows of junk, so very interesting.  We spent like $20.  I got a brand new food dehydrator and some books.  Oh, and food…see the hot dog condiment dispenser in previous post.

It was fun though a lot of walking which Stan did very well.  He pushed the stroller, with no kids, so all our purchases.  Kyra was with Adam.

We came home, I actually fell asleep on the couch accidentally.  I must have been tired, but I slept for like an hour.

I went out and pulled more corn stalks out of the garden collecting the corn as I went.  I gave the horses 2 over flowing wheel barrels of corn husks and stalks.  Oh..and some weeds as tall as me.  The corn was delicious, I ate like a dozen ears (about 3 inches each average).

20070908_00805p  Adam brought Kyra home and I was going to capture the excited look on her face as he walked her though the door, but instead I got this angry look on his face while he complained I didn’t open the door for him and he dropped a drink.  How was I to know??  I dumped water on the spill after he was gone, no big deal. He left quick because his football games were on.

20070908_00905p Kyra must not have slept at all today though as she fell asleep on me shortly after getting here.  Which this is one of my favorite spots to be in, but I sort of wanted to play with her more than that.  I miss her while she is gone. 

DSCN4949 Her sleeping on me though always sends me down memory lane though (I like memory lane though.). Here take a look at this photo of me and her.  She is only a few weeks old in that one.  It is one of my favorite photos.

I talked to my mom (she called me) while she was asleep and she asked about coming tomorrow to see Kyra.  We will see how that goes.  I didn’t feel as tense as I usually do when I talked to her tonight, so that is a good thing.  I don’t know what she thinks of the stuff I do though, nor my pending divorce.  She seems sort of happy about it, which is probably the only sort of happy response I have gotten.  Most people say they are sorry or what not. 

She offered to pay me to put her website back up. (I still own the domain.) Which if she gives me the typed files of her mailed information. I will do a basic page at her meager price.  It is sort of comical though because she has no idea how much web design is worth.

Anyways, it was a good day all around.  Good Night…