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Here is a picture of us from the wedding. I had someone else take it. You can’t see at this size our 3 sets of perfectly blue eyes across, but at bigger boy do they stand out. No wonder we get so many comments. I think we look like a really cute little family though. I never would have thought that before, it is great though.

It is raining non stop here. It has rained for two days now. It was sort of nice to begin, but it is old now. It is really coming down though, we have flood watch. I don’t feel threatened on my little hill though. There isn’t enough water for that yet.

We took the cat to the vet this morning. She got her second and final dose of the leukemia shot. I am glad that that is done.
I cook tonight and am sort of looking forward to it. I can’t believe that I am though. I am the worst cook at home. I like cooking there though mostly because it is almost convenient, everything is so handy. At home I feel like I am just making a mess of things. In this kitchen it is just like so easy and everything is so prepared, even the clean up is easy. At home it seems like such a headache. I wonder how many dozen wings I will make.
Well, that is all for now. Bye…