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Today was a long rainy day. It rained almost the entire day. We stayed in the house playing games. I have a loud cough, but I think it is actually me getting over my cold.

This obviously isn’t a fresh picture taken today, but from about a week ago. Isn’t this wooly guy or gal cute??

Today we met my brothers and Rachel for dinner at Chili’s. They had came down to see the Eastern Sports Show. Adam was at work. It was an okay dinner.

I felt stupid because they ended up paying for my dinner. I never carry cash so we didn’t charge my $10 onto my debit card. I think my family thinks that I expect them to pay, but that isn’t true. I wanted to pay my own dinner. I think I will just mail $10 to my brother for the dinner.

Kyra was a true angel. She was absolutely perfectly behaved, probably because we napped so well today. She surprisingly let everyone have there turn holding her and didn’t even fuss at all. She is so cute. I put a new shirt on her that is for size 12 months. It actually fit okay, just slightly big.

I finally flipped my calendar page today. I know I am behind. I have this Pennsylvania Nature calendar. The February photo is one of the ugliest I have ever seen. I should have a calendar made with my photos, if this is Pennsylvania nature. This one is like the side of a hill, but with a tree and some ferns growing. It doesn’t show enough of the tree and the fern looks smashed. It is at a strange angle too. I have much nicer photos anyways.

Well, that is it today. Night. Posted by Picasa