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Well, today sort of went off without a hitch. I took photos on my way to my bus route and my way home…here is the on the way home version. The ones on my way always end up too dark because I leave at sunrise.

I drove all day like normal. There was one strange thing about today. They found a gun in the middle school so all the kids were worked up a bit. No bullets were found though, so that is good. They hand cuffed the kid I guess and took him away. Who knows. I guess I don’t really care so much…I mean I care, but I will let them handle it. I believe my day will come whenever and worry is just a waste of my imagination. Right?? LOL… The kids on my bus route are good kids too. I like them and they like me back I think, oh my…LOL…. I don’t believe I would be a target, unless random.

My other kids were just normal. It was a good day.

When I got home. Adam and I went to Bent and Dent. I got a whole bunch of food stuff, so I feel good my cupboards have some stuff in them. They were looking bear, from me cleaning out all the stuff that had expired. Ha Ha…. Yes, I cleaned out my expired soup. It turns out that almost every can in my cupboard was expired. I didn’t know you could possibly keep Campball’s soup past it’s expiration, I mean it is like 5 years. I have though, so it is possible. Ladies, check your cupboards.

We also had a bit of a flop for dinner tonight. I got this Chicken bake thing a ma meal thingy. It said to bake 30 minutes. I baked 60 minutes. It still wasn’t done. I guess you were supposed to start with thawed chicken. I now know for next time. However; I highly doubt next time arrives anytime soon. We were anticipating this for lunch, but it wasn’t done. I left hungry for my runs, thinking it would be done when I got back. I got back cut into the pink ooze when I got back…Blah… So we went out to eat to the Chinese Restaurant. I was starving by the time we got there. It is like when you are so tired you can’t sleep. Well, I was so hungry I couldn’t eat. I think I left just as hungry as I went only I had eaten a little. I should have eaten twice what I did though.

We than went and got an official copy of the pool schedule that was our downfall of yesterday. I am going to sign Kyra up for swimming lessons which start next week. She can swim already, but this will be a good excuse for us to go to the pool. I like it as much as Kyra does and she gets bright eyed from the second she sees any water even an inch in the bathtub. LOL..

Well, that is all now. I am going to bed. It is past my bed time. I should get some pictures of Kyra tomorrow. I have been doing scenery to much lately. Well, Night.