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That shower last night was so refreshing.  It was amazing, but getting in I realized.  I haven’t take a shower all by myself in probably over a month.  I am going to start doing that once a week.  Adam was in bed and Kyra was in bed.  I took a nice relaxing shower…ahhh.  I actually shaved.  I haven’t do that in forever with it being winter and all…nobody would have known, until like I always do I go tell the world on here.  LOL….  Anyways, that was nice.

Today was great too. Saturday’s are always fun for me.  It is my private Kyra day. I get her all to myself and we just go crazy playing.  I am not on my computer much on Saturdays, usually less than an hour even.  I mostly didn’t do anything though except play and Adam is going to be so mad that the house is a mess.  I did clean up all the food messes though.

Kyra is getting so good.  She is trying to say all the animal sounds and almost there on a lot of them.  I am going to do a word post after this one.  You all know that my word posts are so cool for me to look at even though they are so short and probably confuse some of my new readers.  I click that category tag though and can basically remember that day when she first said that word.   I love it singled out this way.  LOL… 

 These pictures today of her were all taken pretty late tonight. She was getting tired.  The first is her laying her head on the couch.  She was just so relaxed, it was really cute. 

The next I call her diva look when she just glares at you with those goldilocks and the way the flash hits her, the locks shadow on themselves making them look so thick and nice.  She was again playing sleep games, she is sitting on the video chair and eventually laid right there for a bit. 

This last one, I find humorous, she has the pacifier.  She isn’t a pacifier girl though and you can tell because she sticks it in her mouth upside down and than fires it out like a rocket.  She is imitating me playing with the thing, it just cracks me up.

We did a lot of reading books today.  She has a Sesame Street Fire House book and a farm book that are her particular favorites or maybe they are my favorites…who knows.  Anyways, we hit them quite a few times today.  We also cooked muffins and ate some Wurst’s. 

We fed Finley of course, 3 times so far. I feed him his last time just before I go to bed.  He is the last thing I do at night and the first thing I do in the morning.  I am so proud of him for surviving though, what a little spirit this guy has. 

There was my day.  I am going to do some other stuff around here, like catch up on reading.  Night..