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I like horse pulls.  I totally enjoy a good fireworks show.  Well, they have a horse pull followed by fireworks in our local town here every year the Friday after the 4th.  It is the best fireworks show I have ever seen and each year it is equally good.  Well, I took Stephen.  I didn’t know that he totally doesn’t like fireworks and really isn’t interested in horses. 

He was grumpy the whole time.

Kyra is scared of the loudness, but she did really well.  She didn’t cry.  I held her for about 10 minutes and then she wanted to watch them from in the truck, so she was in the truck doing fine.  We were in the bed of the truck, so every few minutes.  I would stick my head in the window to see how she was.

The whole evening kind of sucked though.  Next year, Stephen can stay home.  LOL…