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Cat Nap Well, Kyra and I are getting a little sick. It came out of no where. We are sick. I went to bed fine and woke up dying. Nobody came to my MOMS Club play group yesterday which is probably good since we got sick overnight. It was snowing and well being that I live in the south it scares people. I joke with the lady at the school they will cancel it with an inch of snow, but honestly that isn’t far from the truth. I was ready for them, but maybe another month.

Did I really just call this the south. LOL…

Here is Kyra after she woke up from her nap. Adam went in to get her and she was laying on the cat. We have a cat theme in our lives. You see Kyra lives, eats, sleeps, etc… thinking of our cat. She has totally mastered the word “Kitty”.

All the crazy stuff in my life is sort of calm for a few minutes again. It just sort of went crazy for a few days and now it is back to calm. I have come to the realization that acne is caused by stress totally. I got way too many zits this week. My usually pretty good skin is torn up. I hate it, so I am glad that I can go back to having good skin next week.

I also realized that blogging really does help ease stress. It seemed like I did better after I typed my stupid sob stories. Luckily for me though, I usually don’t have to much stressful stuff happen, my life is pretty boring. Which in this case isn’t all that bad of a thing.

Stinky Feet RideDo all kids like rides on stinky feet?? Kyra sits at Adam’s feet mostly and than ducks her head down so she can go for a ride of him bending his legs straight. It looks like that…LOL..

Yes, we have our house warm enough so that Adam can wear shorts in the winter and Kyra is in a diaper, she got her warm blooded genes from her father. I in the meantime and in sweatshirt and full length pants and sometimes even blanket.

I also wanted to point out for Debra…Kyra wore two different of our favorite shirts of hers today. LOL…

I drove my bus route this afternoon. I am only going to write up one student in my write them up campaign. LOL… He was standing quite a bit and I told him to sit down 3 times. I guess maybe he won’t have to ride the bus all next week just for that. I think I have written this student up before, so he will get 2 days suspension probably. Who knows…he just picked the wrong day to misbehave that is all.

Oh, I am going to be starting to write junk for the website soon. It is a sales pitch website though, so nothing to strenuous. Hopefully it will work out and I will like doing it. I like blogging and this is blog software, so we will see.

I also finished making my first page of my web page for TeamDoubleClick. I am starting on the second page. There are only two pages needed, so this is my last assignment. I hope the lady I am working for will find more work for me though because well I like her. I would like to get it so I am logged in working 10 hours a week which I am not really close to yet without her jobs. I mean I have probably 7 hours this week.

I am finding this inside real estate stuff fascinating though. I never would have thought it so in depth before this. I mean I have used real estate agents, but I called numbers on the signs in some for sale houses yard and then if I liked the person. I had an agent if I didn’t well I called another number. I never fell for all the marketing and such that goes on. It is so interesting though. Real Estate is so out of the internet though or in the internet, I guess depending how you look at it. It seems there are like a ton of companies that are selling templated web pages to real estate agents, so they have the content sort of fed into there sites and it isn’t hand done like well..this page is.

Well, I am going to go. Night…