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This is a new service being offered at the ad network PayPerPost which I am affiliated with.  They pay for my hosting service basically keeping this blog going as far as webspace.  This post is for them.  LOL…

So they are offering this new service called review my post which is offering new to the service bloggers $7.50 to write a review of the website they hit the button for on there blog.  So for example…you would write a review of this post and make $7.50 for it.

They are encouraging us to put this code:

at the end of every post we make and even putting it into out templates. 

I think this is a great idea for them, but not so great for bloggers.  It will increase the number of links on our pages and make for search engine bots to have to slow down.  It will make them visit payperpost at every post we submit.

I think this would be great if the code were javascript or some other form of bot unidentifiable code.  I would do it than, but not how it is now.

I hope the people in at payperpost understand though, I do like there services and site.  I love that there are opportunities like this that will offer services that will help us little bloggers like me to pay for our sites.  Keep up the good work and maybe change the script for this service and I will join it.