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20070606_00409a Here are out girls.  This is the giant purple Barney spring rider.  This one is the most accommodating to us adults. Do you think we chose to ride on this nice big one though??  Of course not, but we can’t be left out of the fun, so the horse ride it is.20070606_02710a   20070606_02810a  I look like a crazy lady don’t I.  LOL…

20070606_02610a Kyra likes the spring rides the best of everything at the park, I think.  She will get going down the small slides pretty good after you get her to go the first go which seems sometimes pretty difficult.  She is a chicken mostly.

 20070606_01209a Haley is no chicken.  She goes and goes again.  This is her coming down the big two story slide which Kyra has to be convinced about, but also enjoys when she gets going.  How did I ever think that Kyra was brave??  LOL…

So, ultimately my brother left at 1:30 before my afternoon routes.  Yeah, I got all those pictures in less than 3 hours.  LOL….

I did my afternoon routes which went fine, but I really am looking forward to this year being over.  Tomorrow is the last day though and school is only 3 hours long.  I am even taking the extra step and turning my bus in for the summer right away tomorrow.  Last year, I turned it in same day too, but 2 years ago.  I believe they thought I was going to keep it all summer.  I had it about 3 weeks after school ended.  LOL….  We went on vacation somewhere that year and I wasn’t home a good bit right as school ended, so I just kept it and kept getting busy like you do.

Anyways, I am glad school ends tomorrow and summer begins.  Only 13 short weeks and I will be back at it again though.  Summer seems very short when you are in the midst of it.

Our goats are escaping there pasture on a hourly basis now, so we are going to be getting electric fence to go around the inside of there current fence which will hopefully make them learn to stay in.  This is my Sunday project, but we have to get all the pieces now, so Adam will be on that mission tomorrow with his dad. 

This evening though, Adam and I got in a pretty big fight at least for us about the fence.  We screamed which we rarely do….LOL.  We stormed to the fence store, but it was closed.  They missed a great sale probably as now we will be shopping around versus and anger purchase.  LOL…  Our fence is about 500 feet around, so pretty good size, so pretty expensive this will be on our already broke budget.

That was my day though and now I am going to bed.  Night…