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Cat with Diving Ring Around

You know our cat loves us. She is willing to endure this a diving ring around her back. She even looks as though she likes it.

True Love Kyra petting KittyHere is what love looks like in return. Kyra says “Bye Kitty” almost every time we leave the house. She is told to say bye to mom or dad and she replies almost always lately, with the famous. “Bye Bye Kitty”. Adam and I are almost jealous of our cat. LOL… She only sometimes says Bye to us.

Today, was a crazy day too. I got to really get in and work on my clients web page. I worked more today than I did yesterday, but the page looks like I worked less. The changes are pretty subtle, I guess. I also worked hard on figuring out how the paypal buttons work for the shopping cart feature. I don’t have it yet, but will…

I also talked to my second new client. I think she is going to be a challenge, but fun.

Kyra and Tom went to Bent and Dent and then to see Shirley for lunch time. Kyra only took a 20 minute nap which is what made her go to bed early tonight at 7:30..wowsers. She isn’t a good napper as far as that goes any ways. I mean she takes one, but I imagine her as not taking one within the year.

Tonight we went to Robins for like 10 minutes after feeding the goats. There is drama there…woo hoo look out. Oh well though, Kyra and I came home and played a few games of peek a boo and tricycle riding. I watched a TV show and now I am here blogging which I am about done for the night.