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Today was a great semi-relaxing day.  Kyra and I went to a rock auction this morning which was great fun.  I only spent $7.50 as well, so I was very good.  I took a bunch of pictures of the rocks that were for sale.  I will post them over at Franklin Rocks tomorrow.  I don’t feel like it tonight, but I did look at the photos tonight.  Here is a preview of those though…they had a whole lot of sea shells at this auction and this is a photo just sticking my camera at a whole pile of them.  I thought it looked pretty cool.

  Here is Kyra at the auction.  She was so good.  I always get compliments of how good she is anywhere we go, well today.  I probably got 20 or 30.  She is amazing. She was playing with the rocks almost right in the center of the room a whole lot of the time and than when she was sick of that we were playing at the back of the room.  The auction was short though, so that was the good thing for Kyra.  Anyways, it was pretty fun.  Great to get out and do something different.

Here she is as we were leaving.  I maybe will post some more pictures from today on tomorrow’s posting.

We got home from the rock auction though around 3 pm.  We fed the goats, got in shower and that was pretty much our day. 

I made a nice sale on BTI watches today…woo hoo.  I need some sales everyday on there. 

Anyways, that is what is going on pretty exciting for me, but probably boring to the average person.  I guess that is the way it is though.  See ya..