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Well, yesterday became hectic for no reason what so ever.  I filled out an application online to a local company and after 3 1/2 hours and putting all my jobs in for the last 10 years.  (I’ve had a lot.) I finally was done.  I hit submit and it said error.  That sort of messed up my thoughts on the day.

20080108_01501p Kyra is having a sippy cup fetish lately.  She wants to use them again, but I stopped buying them.  When I am out of them, I am out to remain out.  She is also good at climbing up onto the counter to verify that when I tell her we are out that we really are out.  My cupboards are pretty bare of dishes.  I have one set of everything, so 4 glasses run out quickly.  It is easy to find the spot to put things away though.

I cleaned all day.  I can’t see where I cleaned though if I go look now the clean blends in well with the not so clean areas.

We had the rock club banquet at Hoss’s.  Kyra was perfect for that, but she wasn’t her usual self.  She ate hardly anything.  All the people around are too entertaining for her to eat.  She ate very well all day too, which I am pretty sure didn’t help matters.  She eats so much, it really doesn’t matter if she takes a break.

Stephen came with us to this.  It was pretty good, we all ate burgers.  I didn’t talk as much as I usually would have which is probably a good thing as I really don’t think anyone noticed.  I had fun though it was good.  They had a blind rock auction for the clubs benefit which seems to be an interesting new concept for them.  I didn’t buy anything which sort of makes me feel bad, but both Stephen and I are broke at this time.  Plus, I am okay without more rocks in my garage for the time being.  There is going to be a time when I start collecting more on my own which is my favorite way to acquire them.

20080108_00801p We did a whole lot of drawing yesterday.  We opened a new pack of markers which always makes Kyra excited.  She is saying “Thank You Mommy” all the time now too.  This is new.  I am wondering where she learned it from, if those Barney books that we read are really sinking in or if her dad works with her on this?  I know I read the Please and Thank You Barney book almost daily to her, but it is like it just suddenly started that she uses that.

She also said “Me Big Healthy” when she is asking for food, which is something I have never said.  I wonder if her dad tells her this too.  LOL…  It is pretty cute though.