Select Page Well, Today was just a normal day.  I drove Kyra came with.  It was all rather on the boring side.  It was sort of a dreary day with sprinkles all day.  I didn’t really downpour and it was pretty steady, just a little sprinkle.  I am glad it rained today though because hopefully it will be beautiful on Friday. (There is no school here on Friday.)

We came home this afternoon from the run and Adam wanted Kyra to go shopping with him, so off they went.  I was home by myself for like 2 hours.  I kept trying to check on Kyra, but than remembered she wasn’t here.  I did that like 4 times.  It felt sort of strange to not have her around.

Now in 10 minutes I am leaving for my rock club meeting.  I e-mailed everyone saying I needed slabs because I have almost enough for my kitchen, but not quite.  So I am taking $80 and people are bringing slabs for me to pick from for my counter.  I am all excited about this, my kitchen is finally going to be done.

Well, I will let you know how it goes.