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Today was 1/2 dull, but I was busy all day.  It was like a boring type of busy though.  I had work to do almost all day, but I was bored doing it.  I still am not done with this stuff though, so it is going to be spilt over into tomorrow.

I have severe anxiety about this potential job, which I am also anxious about writing on here because I am pretty sure they are reading here.  I gave them the link to show that I have internet skills… so here I am on my site that I release all memorable crazy feelings out on worried about if I should.  I guess I am a half open book though, so here it is.  I am about as anxious as I have been in years.  I don’t generally feel anxiety the way others do or so I am told.  I am like the most non-stressed person ever basically.  I think this fact though probably magnifies my anxiety now.  They said they will have selected by Friday though, so potentially I have 2 more days of this and then excitement because I got the job. 

My routes were good today.  I am trying to revel in my kids because I know I am going to be done driving them at some point here.  I know I will miss some of them so much.  When I gave up my old routes, in the middle of the year 2 years ago.  I cried and cried missing a few of my students.  I am a huge sap for those kids and now these ones.

Tonight was my rock club meeting, Kyra goes with now to this since Adam started working on Wednesday’s.  She was pretty good.  I guess she was just 2 year old noisy she also fell and hit her belly on the chair so cried for a little bit from that.  We went out and talked about being quiet in meetings and stuff.  She understood and sat on the chair medium good for the rest of the meeting.  She is probably one of the best behaved 2 year olds in the world, but how many go to adult club meetings on a regular basis??  LOL…  There weren’t a ton of people at the meeting though, probably only 10 or so. 

I took some photos today too, but it is so late.  I am just going to hold them over til tomorrow.  I have this about me meme to do as well, which aaahhh, what do you want to know about me more than you already know??  Any suggestions will probably be honored.  Good Night…