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Ok, so today was another good day.  Yeah, this is getting to crazy to just have normal good days.  LOL… Where is the drama?

I did my normal routes.  I wrote up one student.  He was hitting other students with a glass bottle that I think he probably drank on the bus too.  I didn’t see him drinking though.  I can imagine that being hit in the head with a glass bottle doesn’t feel so great though.  He is kicked off the bus for a couple days, though now.

I didn’t get a whole lot of work done for my clients, but it seems really slow with them in real estate here lately. I think commercial real estate runs on a different table than the house market, but it is still a little slow for them too, so go out and buy a business today.  I need to be busier… just kidding.  I am busy enough with my web projects.  There is always something to do here.  Oh, and I haven’t submitted any pictures to my microstock portfolio in probably a month.  I really could use to do that some.

I had my rock club meeting tonight though.  Kyra is all messed up the the time change still so even though it gets over late, she would still be awake.  I decided to give Adam a break and take her with.   This picture is her in the midst of the action.  LOL…

Here is one that us adults would never think of doing, but we do in private.  She is scratching her bottom in the center of the meeting.  It is a square of people all the way around her here.  LOL….

The meetings are at the local college and there is a rather large stream that runs in the back and I took Kyra down by it before the meeting.  She has seen streams before, but this time it was flooded and running rather rapidly, so here she is looking at it.

Well, I took more pictures.  I will post the rock ones on the Franklin Rocks site tomorrow.  I am tired now though, so I am going to bed.  Night…