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20060818_44303p I was the host of my rock club picnic today.  It took the majority of my day.  It was pretty good.  All the burgers and hot dogs were eaten.  There was just under 30 people, so a pretty good turn out.  There were some faces that don’t usually come to the meetings, which was nice. 

I hurt my back very early in the day though.  I think I did it lifting a cooler full of cans of soda.  I sort of just tossed it in my car, so I am told.  Which I did do, I guess.  I think I pulled a muscle pretty good though.  I have been acting like a cripple and popping Advil which is pretty much against how I do things otherwise.  I am sitting here dreading going to bed, but hopefully I will get relaxed.  I still haven’t went through all the fireworks photos and things, but I am going to pass it over again tonight.  I foresee tomorrow being a very busy day for posting.  I will be posting on my other sites too.  I am getting pretty behind on keeping things together.

Good Night…