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Today was interesting.  I think I am getting loopy off of antibiotics though, which sucks.  Plus, I have all of the side effects listed on the website for the stuff.  I am still going to finish my doses though because my toe is getting better and I only have 3 more days of it and than I will have to get other medicines to fix what all this messed up.  Oh, it sucks.  My toe though is getting better…woo hoo.  They aren’t going to rip my toe nail off.

The rock show still continued today and I was signed up to help today, so I was there.  I don’t think I did a single thing to help though but maybe take $2.00 entry fee.  It was good though.  I got a lot of talking in.  Here is one of my favorite pictures from the show.  I love this piece.  It was $35 though, I think.  I am trying really hard to be good and Kyra would break it, so I don’t buy anything.  I just take the picture…LOL.  I should get it printed out real big.

 Here is a picture that Tom took for us.  He brought me home from the show because Adam didn’t want to stay the whole time I was there helping or not doing anything.  LOL…  Don’t we look just so cute. 

This one is Kyra this morning.  She is set, chips, dip, drink, and remote control.  LOL..

Here I am I sat beside her.  This one you can see my new straight hair style from getting it straightened yesterday.  I think it will look better after I wash it yet though.  I can wash it tomorrow, so just a bath today.  I like the way it feels though.  It is so cool.  How can anyone with straight hair possibly want it curly?  That is so crazy.

Andy came today to visit, so he went to the rock show too.  We went to eat at Bob Evans before the show.  It was good.  These two boys should really be kept apart though.  They are bad.  The poor waiter didn’t know when they were joking versus not.  He caught on like by the end, but it was almost to late. 

Andy is a bad influence on Adam I think.  They are twins though, so what do you do?  I just be quiet and know that it he only stays short visits and I actually do like him visiting for the most part.  I just wish he would behave more and talk nicer.