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   Today, I went to the Lebanon Rock Show.  It was so much fun. It is amazing how nature can put together some of the most amazing pieces.  There were about 100 different booths, so lots to look at.

20070819_15002pI was starving though by the time we left.  We went to Ruby Tuesday’s after though and it was well worth the starvation feeling and it filled me so much I didn’t need super. 

20070819_08210aThis is my favorite rock picture that I took.  I took about 200 though, so I am going to work on getting some of them wrote about for on my Franklin Rocks page.  I am currently e-mailing them to various members to write something about.

We took Kyra to Adam’s on the way to the show and she is staying there tonight.  We also took Stan for the day, we picked him up on the way back though.  I am surprised with Adam about that.  Stan said he was bored and he didn’t do anything with him basically.  He left with Kyra and he was more bored there than he would have been here.  I don’t think he will go again, but maybe that was the plan.  Who knows anymore.

picture525We got home and I took photos of fabric that I have from back when I used to list on ebay full-time, so new stuff but old stock.  Hopefully not to many other listings like these ones.  I will be having a sort of temporary comeback, to make some money for this month.  I took about 50 fabric photos.  This is my favorite piece of the lot.  I didn’t get them listed yet, but the photos are taken and edited ready to go.  So…if you like fabric panels, save up your cash.  There will be quite a few listed by me in the next week or so.  I just have to get my listing software updated and descriptions typed out.  I will list them all at the same time though, so they all end close to the same time and hopefully they all get paid for all at the same time too.  I am sure…I will tell about it here.  I am ladylike4 on ebay though, if you want to check out my 3000+ feedback.

That pretty much took up my whole day.  It was past 6 when I got back from the rock show, so a long day of fun.