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Today was the first day of my rock clubs show.  Woo Hoo… We have been in the planning stage for this show for 2 years because we canceled last years show in order to find a better more affordable location.  We found it at the Quality Inn, so today’s show is a long time coming.  I really didn’t do that much for it, but try to help out where I can.  It all looks really wonderful our Show Chairperson and Vice President Chenin did an excellent job.  The layout is beautiful and there was some walking room left which is so nice when you are at an event like this.  (See how much room there was…Kyra can stand in the middle of the isle drinking and nobody run her over. We love this.)

The motel has mirrors, very large mirrors when you first go in.  Kyra likes mirror and found these one particularly fun. 

We went to the show earlier than I had planned, but it was great.  We stayed for about 3 hours which was plenty because I will be there more working tomorrow.  I took about 200 rock pictures, but I think I will take that many tomorrow too.  It is good to have those pictures for the advertising for next year and for something to post onto the Franklin Rocks site.  I may start posting about a rock a week or something along that line, so that the site can grow.

I came home took a breather, Kyra took a nap.  I got some work done on BTI.  I fixed those darn bullets on the side bar here mostly.  I still have that random one showing up every now and again over there, I don’t know what is going on with that.  It is looking better though.

The stylist that hadn’t come the last 4 times scheduled made an appearance today.  Woo Hoo.  I got a relaxer in my hair, so now it is straight.  It really looks nice.  I think I love it.  I am not allowed to wash my hair though for 2 days, so baths only for me.  I will post a picture of it tomorrow when someone else can take my picture.  I am not really that good at taking my own photo.

We were home relaxing and sitting on the couch peaceful all the lights out because it was after 8 and Kyra goes to bed after 8, so lights out.  She was on my lap, but not asleep.  Yeah, she falls asleep in my arms every night, spoiled I know.  Anyways, someone pulled in my driveway.  I thought it was Robin because I am supposed to designated drive tonight.  It wasn’t though.  The person had a flashlight because next was bright lights on my windows.  I looked out and it was a police car, so I opened the door. 

They gave me a subpoena.  Woo Hoo…  This is a great thing for a bus driver.  I turn in people that run my lights all the time, but rarely do I get a subpoena which is an indication that they got the person.  I have to go to court on the 3rd.  It is to bad for the guy that run my lights because I enjoy going to court and never miss it.  I have never had a defendant show up against me though, so I usually just leave with the automatic guilty.  That doesn’t bother me though…I still smile.

So than Kyra went to bed less than 5 minutes later and here I am typing my story.  It was a good day.  Night…