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rgb  Skittles hit me up for this tag.  I’m actually pretty glad she did.  I am trying to spread some links out here lately as I get in this rut where I quit sharing links for a bit and need to get out.

Here are my tags:

Problem Girl – She is pregnant, but she isn’t just pregnant.  She is pregnant as a surrogate mother.  I have been reading and in awe of all she is going through to have someone else’s baby.  It is inspirational.

Feverish Thoughts – I just recently started reading this site because of an article about how she became the 2nd highest paid PPP postie.  Well, then she goes and posts some other great things, so now I am stuck reading this.  There are so many great writers out here.

A Walk through Durham Township Pennsylvania – I don’t know if Photoblog sites do meme’s, but I don’t care.  I think this lady Kathleen Connally is a rockin blogger.  Check out her imagery.

LauraLohr – Ever since I did that blog exchange semi-flop with Laura.  I have been stuck on reading her site.  She is super nice and a great writer.  I am mesmerized by her photos lately and jealous of a trip to London. 

Queen of the Surf Pirates – Yeah, Paula has to have a spot on this list.  She has been hanging around here for a long time and to be able to do that with twins is impressive.  Her girls are almost as cute as Kyra.  LOL.. If you look at them together though and dressed the same, they really are something.  I can’t wait to read about her with 2 year olds.  They will be surfing, I know it. 

My Crazy Life – For my last one, I have to go with another regular at my site.  Not just because of that though…but also because her site really rocks.  She writes with photos almost daily which I love. 

If you’ve been tagged, then please steal the badge for your own blog! Then tag some other Rockin’ lady bloggers you know!