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Part of today I was rolling around on the floor.  Yes literally… I was trying to get Kyra to fall asleep for her nap which she never did take.  So I had this big blanket and pillow on the floor.  She was rolling and laughing though instead of sleeping and snoring.  LOL…

We went for about a 2 mile walk today.

We got Stan’s new room stripped of the wall paper border and some of the holes spackled, on and tape almost done.  It is almost ready for paint now.  His official move in date is the 19th, so it is getting closer.

I got my school bus license renewal dates which are the 21st and 22nd, so I have all those classes and tests to take for that.  They require something like 10 classroom hours and 6 in bus hours of training at every renewal.  I think this is good, so I am glad to go.  I like the parts about student discipline as we all get a good laugh. 

I get to go with Pat this year my good friend, so it will be more fun.  The last time I did it with nobody that I knew, so I was that odd one out.  I think there are a couple other drivers that I know going too, but I didn’t get the full list.

Well, I am off to bed early.  Night…