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This is a sponsorored post!

20070727_00109p I have this fireplace in my basement. A lot of people even ones that know me don’t know it is there. (See I sit beside it all the while on my computer.)

This fireplace has a “real” fireplace and a stove sticking out of it. There is a mantle and everything. I love the whole look of it and everything, except the fact that there is a stove sticking out of it.

Well, this place has fireplaces that they sell as well as individual room heaters. I personally though am looking for the insert to this fireplace that will make it a true fireplace in the wall. The wood crackling, like in all the Cracker Barrel Restaurants. I wish they offered those over here. I would be interested.

One of my neighbors claims to want the stove, so I have offered her it for exchange for the insert and whatnot to make it fully functional here. I probably won’t light it often as I do like the gas heat, but it would be nice to have to look at once in a while.

Anyways, check out some of the items for fireplaces over here at DESA Tech. They seem to have a great selection. I know I am impressed.