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This hospital business makes for some rough times.  So this post will be a two day update instead of my normal one day.  This starts Wednesday morning like any other morning. 

I drove my bus and finished.  I had a meeting with my merchandising job manager, so I went to that.  Tom took Kyra while I was in this meeting and they went shopping at Target.  Here is what I found when I went to retrieve them.  Stan was also with on this trip and he was riding around in the motorized shopping cart.  He said he had a good time.

Here is the display that I worked on while I was doing my job. 

I came home and did my bus route like normal.  It was supposed to be my last day of semi-peace as I finished my training and now finished this training.  My more mischievous kids all were to come back on Thursday, so I was reveling in the peace on the bus.

I came home everything was fine.  I came downstairs to do some of my work.  I am pretty behind this week from just being away so much, so a few minutes here and there really does help.

At about 6 is when Stan called and said to go to hospital and that is where it all changed.  I went with him.  I am pretty impressed that they got him right in with virtually no waiting.

I was also impressed that they had his medical records that I have been trying to get for a week now.  They had those in about an hour probably.  They did multiple tests on him and his heart right there in the ER.  He was admitted for more observation and to get his medications regulated.

They can’t find what is causing his pain.  It is going now to process of elimination.  He has had all the heart tests and his heart is actually very good for his age.  He had it catheterized today which looked like a pretty painful test and they knock you out, so really uncomfortable on top of that.  He is a trooper though and he was smiling.

So, I was at the hospital this morning.  The nurse kicked me out told because Kyra made a yip noise.  Really nothing, her shoes were on wrong foot.  (She puts them on herself.)  So, I was trying to fix them.  They act like this is supposed to be a quiet place, but it is obvious to me that they have never actually taken the time to listen up while there.  There are machines beeping and way more annoying than Kyra ever dreamed of being for a split second.

However, we left like instructed.  I talked to Tom and arranged for him to watch Kyra while I was at the hospital in the afternoon.  Stan was supposed to be out of this test at 2:45.  I were there than, but this test turned into a longer procedure because emergency cases were brought in and pushed his testing back.  He ended up being done a little after 7.

Kyra had come back to the hospital.  I asked the nurses if they would let her, a different set of nurses were there.  They agreed it was okay so long as she was good.  (Kyra is always good.  ha ha!)

Kevin (Adam’s oldest brother) was there when it was done, so I just said bye to Stan and let him be with Kevin.  We will be there more tomorrow, so I figured that would be time for them.

So that has been my last few days.

I have added some interesting driver news on here and the site was down for 8 hours during this week too, so it has been a busy week everywhere with craziness according to all this.  So check out those last posts of the drivers in the news and I am going to bed.  Good Night….