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Today was a fun day. I went to Lauren’s track invitational thing this morning. Lauren got two seconds and a first place. I think she was disappointed, but I was proud of her. She is some athlete. Kyra was a good girl. She napped almost the whole way there and back and now she is napping again. That is really good for on a Saturday. She usually doesn’t nap at all for me on Saturdays. Oh well, maybe she is learning that she is nicer if the does the sleepy sleep. While we were at the event though she stood on my lap screaming “Uhh Uhh” as she held onto the bleachers. I think everyone looked at her, she was funny. She is basically the ultimate fan cheering even while nobody is racing. She sat with Liz some on her lap. She really likes her for some reason. There are some people that she just doesn’t like, but for the most part she is great with people.

Well, I am getting off of her for now. Maybe I will be back later, but don’t know. I am a bit tired.