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We got a lot accomplished today, but nothing at home.  Here let me make it a list: (in order)

  1. Pharmacy (drop off meds for refills)
  2. Stan doctor appointment.
  3. Stan’s doctors to pick up prescriptions, plus order for x-ray.
  4. Stan x-ray.
  5. My Circuit City job.
  6. Shopping in Target just because it is next door to Circuit City and the guys can’t come to my job with me.
  7. Ate Lunch (Subway)
  8. Pharmacy (a long visit, we are trying to get Stan’s new glucose meter paid for, but it has to be pre-approved for insurance.)
  9. My Walmart job.
  10. Pharmacy (still not done, but wanted another copy of one insurance card)

So, as you can tell it was a pretty productive day, but nothing at home.

 20070622_00901p Now, we are planning a bit of a vacation of sorts for tomorrow.  Kyra will be riding for about 5 hours back to where the majority of our family lives.  Adam dreads this…so he got a possible solution to our Kyra crying.  She will be laughing now and hopefully not notice the long ride.

20070622_01101pThere she is watching for the first time.  Our new in car, DVD system for movie watching.  This whole set up is rather impressive.  It has two screens which are on the low for end as far as the resolution concerns, but viewable.  There is one for the back of each car seat and they can watch the same DVD or work independently.  We are going to be going with the same movie.  We got Elmo, classic cartoons, and Bingo.  My brother got us Charlotte’s Web for Easter which we still haven’t watched yet. (Sorry Jason, we will….on the way to your house tomorrow.)

Well, hopefully this system alleviates us for hearing her cry.  It breaks your heart when she cries as she doesn’t hardly ever and you just don’t want her too.  She is a super affectionate, shy, quiet girl.  LOL…most of the time.

In the little bit of time that I was home today.  I have been on my computer, I am all caught up on my reading and all posted for the weekend on my other sites.

Oh, and then tonight.  I went back to pharmacy and everything was straight, except one thing which is his glucose test strips.  He doesn’t have prescription for up to how much they want him testing.  I will fix that next week though.  The meter and the strips we have are all covered and such.  We got his medicines and all that.  I took him and dropped him off at hospital.  He is doing a sleep test tonight, so I have to go pick him up at 6 in the morning.  We will basically leave from home as soon as we get back.

Now, I have to go figure out what to wear to this wedding.  Oh, that is the worst part about weddings.  Blah…dressing semi-up.  LOL….  I should go in my jeans and tee shirt.  I swear.

Good Night….