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Well, I only took the pictures that I already posted one of today, so no picture with this post.

I worked my first 5 minutes of my new job. I would post more about him here, but I don’t think I am allowed to release the clients name other than saying TeamDoubleClick, but I not sure on that. I think I have to keep semi-secrecy like I do with the students on my bus. Thus, keeping my blog boring. huh?

I think I will be able to talk more about what I do though. I don’t think that is secret, so keep reading. The life of a stay home worker and school bus driver, raising a little girl. This has to be good…

Kyra was pretty good with Adam today. They went shopping and he played with her in the living room. Jonathan and Thomas were up playing video games with him and helping keep Kyra occupied.

We went out to Ryan’s for dinner with Stephanie and her family all 6 of them, so that made for 9 people with us. There were lots of large parties like us there though, it was strange. I think she liked the doll we got her. She really got big eyes when they sang to her. I do think the entire restaurant was clapping. It was actually pretty good tonight. I am generally not that huge on buffets, but it was good.

Well, that is all. I am going to bed. It should be a good weekend. I am ready for school to start Wednesday.