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Today was sort of a sad day for me. Asheley is still alive, but I don’t think she will be in morning. We gave her the medicines though. I feel like I am watching a slow painful death occur in front of my eyes and there is nothing I can do about it. Hopefully it is a slow painful recovery though, who knows…not much hope right now though according to me though. She isn’t even chewing her cud now. I don’t think she has eaten or drank anything through the entire course of the day.

The boys Snowy and Finley are still going. I am having a really hard time getting Snowy to eat still, so don’t know if I am meeting his food needs. I am going out every 3 hours now though, so hopefully he will just eat like mad one of these times. Finley on the other hand is going to town…he is sucking on this bottle like you wouldn’t believe. The full bottle is gone in seconds with Finley at the reins. LOL… I am hoping that Snowy will take the idea from watching Finley, but who knows.

This is such a sad thing for me to have to nurse these babies while they watch there mama possible die. It just truly breaks my heart.

I will take some new pictures of Misty and the thriving twins tomorrow. You will notice so much growth in them. They look fantastic and Misty is doing about as great of a job as can be done. I am so glad for this as it keeps me going. I can hold the cutest healthiest little girl goat after I get done attempting to feed these boys who are so hard to feed.

Well, that is my barn update. There is some happiness with these twins, but mostly sadness right now when I walk the trail to the barn. Things will improve though, these animals are joyous for the most part. Bye..