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I have been sort of slacking on my own webpage here lately working on everyone else’s.  My own is more fun though.  LOL… I should stay here a bit.  I have just been working away though at all the things I am involved with.  When I get a minute away, I play 1 year old games.  I can’t believe Kyra is now a year and half old.  Most people if you ask them how old they think she is will give you an older age.  She is big for her age and moves really well on her feet.  LOL…

She know has about 13 teeth, but she bites you when you go to count, so I could be off some.  She has front teeth and the far back molars though.  She is still missing some of the middle teeth and her incisors are just coming through.

She knows her body parts now when you ask her where they are she will point to them or refer to them in another way….like where are your lips, she will stick out her tongue.  LOL.

She knows… nose, ears, eyes, teeth, tongue, lips, chin, belly, boobies, coochie, piggies, toes, and knees.  I am trying to get her to know elbows and fingers but she isn’t there yet.  She also knows which of her balls is the blue ball versus the red ball.  She doesn’t know that the blue refers to color though because you can show her a blue something and a red something else and she gets is wrong.

I have been driving my normal stuff.  I don’t think about all the drama around it.  I do the best I can and if that isn’t good enough.  I guess oh well. 

I have really been working on my web project for TeamDoubleClick.  It is going well.  I think my client is really happy with the way things are turning out.  I think he will get happier and happier as things go on.  He is working on getting some of his associates to write some article for on it now.  I am going to work on getting a live conference video area and permission to use some university charts.  I hope it works out.  I have never incorporated either of these into my personal pages, so this is all new territory for me.  It should be fun.  LOL….

Well, that is all.  There is my full update.