Select Page, so Christmas is now 2 weeks away. WOW huh?? Yeah that is what I think.

So I am planning on sending out photo cards to all the people in my database. Yeah, don’t that sound high tech. I was trying to capture that photo for the cards today and this photo is the best I got. I think people that don’t see Kyra often won’t like this so much on the photo card, so I guess I will try again tomorrow.

However to me, this is very cute. She looks like a little elf. Who knows…but I should really get this picture taken so I can order cards. It takes 3 days for the cards to come in and then I have to mail them on top of that…so maybe people will get there card from me late this year. I have always been the first one to get them out in years past, so I am entitled.

We are putting our tree up on Wednesday, so I won’t be essentially late on that.

Well, today was a great day. I mean that really great.

I drove like normal this morning. I got home made veggie pizza using all the rest of my stuff up from when I made it before a few days ago. I drove again like normal.

I got back and my personality test from TeamDoubleClick was in my e-mail box, so I took that. I don’t know if I passed or whatever yet. I am not a thief though and never think it is okay. There were a lot of questions about thieves. I guess I am assertive in that I try to say what I think, but I also am easygoing and laid back almost too calm. I like to think that I use constructive assertiveness because I like offering a plan when I think there should be change. This company I hope is one that likes change. I really like it. I would go nuts with the same old same old. There were some weird questions like if I like an administrative task to interrupt the constant talking with people. I answered neutral as having no opinion. Those type of questions, I found really hard to answer and have an opinion. There was a lot of them that I didn’t have opinions on or were like trick questions. I tried to put like in an office in front of them, which who knows if that is right or not. There were a lot of questions about competitiveness and about can people be to competitive. I think people as individuals can be but whole companies really can’t be, so those sort of threw me as to my opinion. So, I just have to hope I did good and not worry about it.

Then I drove again like normal…

Then I got back and we fed the goats. We came in and did this silly picture and about 10 others that didn’t really turn out all that well. We played ball for a little bit in the hall. Kyra took a short 15 minute nap. I signed up with Vonage during that short nap.

We went and talked to Robin for a few minutes as we were going to go out and get my motion sensor lights, but we changed our minds last minute. I wanted to see if she was as okay as she said. She had her grandfather’s funeral to go to today. I met her grandfather once he tried to give me a whole big back of curtains from the 1920’s. He was super nice to me that one time and Robin always talks about him as having been nice. When her house burnt down she went and lived in there house for the winter while they were somewhere in the south.

We played chase and a few other games and then Kyra went to bed right on cue at 8 o’clock. It is now almost my cue, so I will close here. Night…