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santasanta I am a little slow with this one as I actually just found it.  The fun Santa over at Grottynosh put me up to it though.

Here are the rules:

The first group of bloggers that are tagged below will add 2 lines to the first text line that is provided. In those added lines, one word will have to be hyperlinked to their own blog, and their post will have to include a link to Santa?s Community Blog. Please include line numbers, and please also include a call to all bloggers to join Santa?s Community here on MyBlogLog!

Then tag 5 more bloggers (picking existing members of the ?Santa?s Community Blog? communitywould be a good start), who will add their next 2 lines, and they tag another 5 more bloggers, etc. etc.

You can turn the text after the first line into a Christmas Short Story, a Poem, a Carol, whatever you feel like doing. When the text has reached 21 lines, you are asked to submit the story. You can do that by leaving a comment to this message, with a link to your own post. We will select the best, nicest, warmest, funniest Collectively Written Christmas Stories and publish them here on Santa?s Community Blog.

Santa?s Community Blog Collective Christmas Meme
1- The day before Christmas a young little girl
2- was mesmeized by the sight of Santa?s Grotto and was patiently waiting to see him with much excitement and anticipation.
3- She had of course heard of Santa, but to actually meet him personally was to be a dream come true.
4- So, she laid her cot down beside the big glass of milk and bowl full of cookies in hopes that she would be awoke.
5- It seemed like the whole night had passed, but when she looked at the clock it was only a 9 o’clock.  She had a lot more waiting to do.
(etc.) down to 21-


I am not sure if all of my tagged people are in the Santa Community or not, but here goes:

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