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It was so very sad.  I cried and cried.  She died in a car accident and it was very traumatic for her body.  They did pretty good on making her look peaceful though.  You could see the bruising on her wrists and there was like a cut on the side of her face that they couldn’t cover fully.  Her hair was perfect for the way she used to style it.  She had a lace shirt on and was really beautiful.

The remembrances started off with one of her cousins saying about how she always hugged you when she met you and when you left.  She did do this, it was like being swallowed up into her arms.  That had everyone crying and crying, one lady got up and like ran to the restroom.

The burial site was nice too.  She is like right on a hill with a view like over toward some mountains.  I wonder if she picked the location out or if it was a family spot.  I didn’t ask…

Her grandpa said that she thought of me like a sister.  I thought that was nice.  I have to admit though, I never thought of her as a sister.  I was more motherly with her in my opinion.  She always seemed to need help or a nice long lecture when she was around me.  I did a few times go with her out to her grandpa’s house and to the pool to go swimming.

I did the somersault  into that pool while  8 1/2 months pregnant with Kyra that leap made her turn from breech position to normal position about this time of year two years ago.  She had me in one of those gigantic hugs of hers when I was screaming as Kyra was trying to rip out my interiors during this internal turn.  That is the most sisterly time that I ever shared with her.

The funeral also made me thing about my own funeral.  I mean who would expect Sara to die.  She was 24 after all.

My funeral.  I told Adam to have just a viewing and have me cremated.  He should put my ashes in behind our house looking out over the landfill mountain.  I don’t want one of these long sad services.  I hope everyone just keeps on keeping on.

I know you are supposed to mourn and all that.  It is something I don’t wish on people with me though.  I don’t know why that is, but this is serious.  I wouldn’t want people to be sad.

He should post onto my blog site the details of what happened to me and maybe pass it onto someone else to continue or end it at his choose of course.  He knows where all the passwords to every online account I own are, so he should go check them out.  I have quite a few accounts with money in them online that I don’t collect very often, say annually.  Many of those accounts can continue to make small amounts of money.

Well, that is all.  It was so sad.  I had never been to a Catholic funeral either, all the tradition in that is so strong.  It was interesting just seeing some of those.