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The  daughter of my neighbor “Sara” was killed last night in a car accident.  I am very sad from this because she was just getting her life straightened out.

I have talked about her on this site before, usually in paid posts referring to drug treatment centers or something like that.

I have predicted that she wouldn’t live to see her 30th birthday because she was always doing drugs and getting herself beat up. She never hung around the “nice” crowd.  She pushed the people that tried to help her away.

Well, she died and it wasn’t her fault.  She was sober and clean, she had been for a few months now.  She had a job.  She was by all counts on her way.

I am now saddened by her loss, Sara at just 24 had a lot of life still to live.  I just was down hugging her mom.  It is one of those times when all you can do is offer a hug.