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The scenery on the trip back was amazing. What a beautiful day. Amy really should have had her wedding today, based on weather. Here is one of the views off of Interstate 99 just south of Altoona. This one you can’t really see the beauty of the sky, but it was amazing with those huge puffy clouds.

Here is a picture of me and Kyra during the car ride. I was just holding the camera out to take the picture, but we both have sort of the same faceial expressions and wide eyes here. Kyra was awake for most of the ride, so I sat in the back playing toys and singing with her. We stopped 3 times for her to exercise and went to eat at a Chinese buffet in Clearfield.

Here is a picture of one of the cakes from the wedding. I wanted to show it because it was so nice. They have a 3 tier cake and than round cakes. I cropped this picture, so you can read it. There was another cake that said the Bride and Groom’s name on the other side of the table. It was really nice…

There is some more pictures here from the trip I wanted to show. This is the inside of my brothers new bachelor pad. He is redoing the whole thing, so I guess you would call this the before picture, but the after picture isn’t ready yet. It may be a while before they are ready.

He is really going to enjoy living here when this place is done. I do believe. He is such a country guy and to be surrounded by woods. He will like it here. Everyone is laughing because he is installing a urinal in the bathroom. I think it is so appropriate though for his place though. I think it will look so good when he is done with all his plans. It is also about time for him to move out of his parents house.

Well, that is about it for that. Bye for Now…