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So, I left a comment on this site.

(I found this site because I have a Google alert that tells me about articles relating to school busses. I try to keep up on the latest news and junk.)

Anyways, I left this comment on that site. (This is the exact comment left. I got it out of my comments RSS feed…he doesn’t have any powers in there.)

Oh, how I hate this topic as a school bus driver, I think our kids are more protected without seat belts than they would be with them.

Argue all you want though, the day they install seat belts and require I go back at every stop to make sure every 5 year old has a buckle on (while you wait in a car there, probably) would more than likely be my last day driving a bus. Yes, safety…um who is getting these kids out of that seat belt when that accident does happen?? Me…yeah right.

I think getting people to stop with the red light is the key here and that alone.

More children 5 times as many children are killed by being ran over versus being in accidents. The number of children killed in the cars of there parents, well fix that number because it is more than 10 times.

Honestly, anyone who supports this has never sat in the front of a bus of 70 or so students. This all seems like one more big headache to me….if you see a bus, just do your part and stop when the red lights are flashing.

Anyways, the owner in true politician fashion doesn’t allow opposing opinions on his site. Thus he deleted it and didn’t let anyone see it. It is funny that the comments he did let go through are from “Anonymous” and mine well identified was deleted.

I guess he doesn’t really know how this blogosphere really works.