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The middle school I drive for had a school dance today for 6th and 7th grade.  It was only 2 hours long and basically in the middle of the day.  The kids were about as excited as they could possibly be with comments this morning along the lines of “How am I going to concentrate on school today?”.

I must have some of the most popular kids as well because of the 25 middle school students I drive.  I only had 6 this afternoon.

The school here has hardly any dances during the year with the high school only hosting Homecoming and Prom.  There aren’t other dances at all.

Now, I went to school in a different area.  When I went to school holding a dance was the major fundraising effort of about every organization within the school.  You only needed like 4 teachers and 4 parents to chaperone and the ______________ Boosters could hold a dance.  There were so many different things like cheerleading booster, football boosters, band booster, well every sport that there was hardly a Friday Night that a dance wasn’t held.

They were like $5 to get in and you had to sign in.  You weren’t allowed to leave and come back without paying again…so basically nobody left.  They were held late in the evening not starting until 9 or so and not ending til like 1 in the morning.

I loved going to dances.  It was very common though for me to be grounded from them.  I usually left before they were over too. 

I always had fun at them and never, honest, did anything I shouldn’t have at them.  I was a good girl.  I still am of course.

The school I drive for seems a bit on the paranoid side.  They hold them in broad day light and the girls aren’t allowed to even wear dresses.

What is your school’s policy on dances??