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Yesterday, started off as one of the worst days in a whole long time. Only…I didn’t know it until after it got started about an hour. I went to do my route like usual and low and behold. There are no kids out ready to get on the bus. Oh, this is sucking… yeah. I made it 4 stops before calling my boss and saying is there no school or something?? That’s right here in “Southern” PA they delay school 2 hours for 1/2 inch of snow. That is right….only half an inch. Who would have thought?? The roads well they were clean. I know I was out driving around.

This just made my day all messed up. I was so busy from there and not getting home until 11 from driving that I felt rushed the rest of the day. It really sucked.

Well, it is morning now and today school is not delayed (I checked.), so today should be better. I got some pictures and other stuff to post later, but I gotta get going. Bye..