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The Parent Blogger Network is asking bloggers to tell about the stuff that happened in the cafeteria of our schools, so here goes.

My school had pretty boring lunches and it seemed that the meanest of the teachers had lunch patrol, so things were pretty calm always in lunch. It seemed that studyhall got way more exciting with us causing trouble. LOL..

What I liked most about lunch was the weekly salad bar. I basically didn’t eat lunch except on Wednesday’s and I looked forward to those. I don’t really know what made there salad bar better than anything else, but it was delicious. The tomatoes, I think were frozen and than thawed, so I never ate them which makes it even more bizarre that I liked this salad. Tomatoes are usually my favorite parts of a salad.

I sat by myself at lunch as I didn’t really have many friends and when I got older in 10th grade. I started working for the guidance office during lunch instead of even going to the cafeteria.

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