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So, I got to work yesterday and did my time. (I love my job, so not torturous.) I rode my scooter and got Kyra. All is well…

I finally got my new phone because the screen stopped working on my other one, so it was warranty.  Verizon is pretty great about that stuff.  I needed to get to the Verizon store though for the switch over.

I also needed to get some keys made, you know so I would have my work key on my scooter key chain.  Wee…

We got the keys made, got to the Verizon store, got the phones all done up.

Well, there we sat.  Apparently there is a short in the scooter somewhere, because the lady from the Verizon store named Amber.  We love you….she gave us a ride home.  Stephen rescued the scooter itself today, but it isn’t working.

Stephen thinks he can fix it, so that is good too.  He is on unemployment as well, so I won’t let him do it for free.  It isn’t 100% that he can fix it either, but he thinks he can.

Well, I told Nate about it because I haven’t even driven the bike more than like 50 miles since I’ve had it.  I feel like part of this isn’t my responsibility, so I asked him about splitting the bill.  He looked me in the eyes and told me “it wasn’t his problem”, which in my world sounded like a big “F” you.  So I guess I’ll remember that next time I feel like doing any favors.  It isn’t like it will be a huge bill if Stephen does it…but whatever.

I ran on my treadmill for 15 minutes last night and was full on sweating after.  I need to do that more often.

I got up this morning.  It was a great day at work.  I got lots done.  I did something I hate doing though and that is saying I’ll come in on Saturday.  On that note though, the lady is driving an hour to get to me on Saturday, so I said I’d do it.  I’ll take Kyra though and we’ll get apples at the orchard, it will be fun day.

We came home tonight and are for once here doing nothing.  I’m going to do that treadmill thing though…need to loose some weight.

Have a great evening…..